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$99 Family Shoots!

Our Amazing Family Shoot$99 deal! 

Full hair and make up for mom 1/2 hour shoot  and 1 8x10

Offer good to purchase thru dec 24th

Regular or Holiday  your choice and use til end of 2019! 

Family shoot for free( usually a $50 upgreade) in you 15 minute or half hour Shoot! Make up for you  and family joins you for your shoot  Can not be combimed with any exiting deal

This is our Half Hour Photo Shoot:   Comes with FULL hair and makeup, 2 wardrobe changes , and an 8 x 10 print!  A two-two and half  hour experience  start to finish can  use til the end of the year 2018 !  good and a gift too!    Two can come back to back no problem  if 3 please look at our party pricing!  

15 minute shoot  Make up for her with all images included   $195
Half hour shoot make up for her with family all images on disc and 8x10 $275


$79 Deal

Full Hair and Make up 1/2 hour shoot and 1 8x10  buy now and  good to use one full year after purchase






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