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   Spooky Boudoir Shoot ( hold date and time with $100 deposit)

* Half Hour Shoot with Full Makeup and Hair  all images included 


This is our Half Hour Photo Shoot:   Comes with FULL hair and makeup, 2 wardrobe changes , and all images ! Any set with this deal at vintage or retro   A two and half  hour experience  start to finish can  use til the end of the year 2023 !  good as a gift too! 




   Spooky Boudoir 15 Minute ( hold shoot with deposit  $100)

* 15 minute shoot, ALL photos included Full Makeup and Hair

We are seeing ladies that are Vaccinated  for the full service and indoors Thank you! 


   More Elaborate Makeup Style + 15 minute shoot

* zombie, Day of the Dead, Bride of Frankenstein, etc.. and a 15 minute shoot with ALL photos on disc .  Day of the Dead Shoots . Full Day of the Dead Make Up  a 15 minute shoot  all images on disc lightly retouched about 50-60 images shot in the 15 minutes  $275

More elaborate day of the dead on 1/2 hour shoot  $350

call for more info  323 662 5411

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