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Summer Specials  $75 off our 30 minute shoot 
Solo Shoots use thru end  Sept 3rd 2023 this Year!

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$275  or $225 Flash Sale  Photo Shoot Special!

Solo shoots in Studio VINTAGE  or RETRO location

any  one set or 2 sets with this deals and all images  

must be used thru the sept 3rd 23 to get savings 

Full Makeup and Hair half hour shoot, one or  two changes  and all images high res lightly  retrouched 

come solo come in pairs!

$100 deposit needed to get this price 

shoot by  sept 3rd 2023!!!

let us know if you were interested in larger package

can do $50 off our 1 hour, or deluxe  call for info

Call or text with any questions can also take venmo and zelle text for info 323 662 5411

15 minute shoot  all images included  Solo Shoot  hair and make up for one person   on sale $225 any set!
buy now can use all year  sept 2023 
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