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How to Choose the Best Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist for Your Big Day: Los Angeles hair and makeup

How do you choose the best bridal hair and makeup artist for your big day? This can be an overwhelming decision, especially in a city like Los Angeles where there are so many talented beauty professionals!

Wedding hair and makeup artist Stacy Lande has a few recommendations.

1. Choose someone you feel comfortable with and like! This can be the most important tip! The big day can be very hectic, and as a bride you will no doubt feel some jitters! There is no one closer to you than your makeup and hair person and if you have found someone with a calming personality who has your back, this can go a long way in ensuring that you will have a serene, peaceful experience on your big day!

2. Prepare your skin! This begins well ahead of your wedding! Get enough sleep, reduce salt and alcohol consumption that contribute to swelling, and by all means do not try any new facial or skin care products within 2 weeks of the wedding.

3. Don't skip the trial! This is perhaps the most crucial part of planning for your wedding look... Imagine not knowing on the big day exactly what you will look like, and if you will get exactly what you want.

4. Don't forget the bridal party! It is very important to put together a list of who will be wanting makeup and hair on the big day so that your artist can book any necessary assistants to accommodate your party. Be sure to provide photo references so your artist will know exactly what to provide, as the bridal party members will not have the benefit of a trial beforehand.

5. Start researching about 8 months before your wedding!

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